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The INTEGRATED BUSINESS GROWTH MASTERPLAN® is a data driven growth plan.

Any marketing tactic that is executed without being part of a clear strategy is bound to fail or to under-perform. The reason is that the marketing teams can’t correlate their goals with the bottom line of a business and the manager can only use his intuition to coordinate all people involved.

The INTEGRATED BUSINESS GROWTH MASTERPLAN® eliminates this problem, by providing a comprehensive strategy, by connecting all business elements in one dashboard and by detecting all the relationships among them. On the one hand, it analyzes each and every offline and online sales channel, it identifies all the stages of the customer journey, it evaluates their efficiency and it pinpoints the factors that may affect them. On the other hand, it depicts the business structure with all the departments and it evaluates their direct and indirect impact and cost on sales.

Ultimately, it is a strategy together with the forecast of income and expenses during its execution, based on hard data.

The INTEGRATED BUSINESS GROWTH MASTERPLAN® is a model developed by Novogrowth.


The INTEGRATED BUSINESS GROWTH MASTERPLAN® includes a unique, business oriented method of analyzing the market size and the quality characteristics of the existing demand, a thorough research on the competition landscape and a detailed audience mapping and discovery. Additionally, all the infrastructure and the short and long term goals of our customers are taken into account, in order to further evaluate the potential growth opportunities.

The data gathered in the INTEGRATED BUSINESS GROWTH MASTERPLAN® always include deep market research. Depending on the business, it may also produce the pricing policy, positioning analysis and branding strategy, alternative business models, analytics tracking plan, or estimate manufacturing cost and capacity, pros and cons of the specific business, etc.

The growth strategy is built by processing of all the above data and it is described on a monthly basis. Finally, the INTEGRATED BUSINESS GROWTH MASTERPLAN® is depicted in financial statements, which work as the marketing dashboard.


The INTEGRATED BUSINESS GROWTH MASTERPLAN® is suitable for a vast range of businesses, starting from early stage startups, to big corporations.
The only prerequisite is a strong drive towards growth. The flexibility of the model allows it to adapt in both the services and products sector, regardless of the business model.


Most of the figures within the INTEGRATED BUSINESS GROWTH MASTERPLAN® are derived through hard data, or historic stats of the business itself. In some cases, when we examine untested business models or analyze the stages of the sales funnels, we base our assumptions to our experience and average values from the given market. Please note that in this latter case, we are always very conservative with our figures and we expect reality to prove better than the forecast.


Even before starting to execute the INTEGRATED BUSINESS GROWTH MASTERPLAN® the mere analysis of a business and its growth goals with our model, provides invaluable insight to the manager and/or executives of the business itself and it reveals missed opportunities to grow the income and inefficient elements that may save expenses.

Regarding the actual purpose of the INTEGRATED BUSINESS GROWTH MASTERPLAN®, it allows a business to follow a detailed, educated, based on hard data and fully actionable strategy, knowing what needs to be done each month and what to expect as a result.

Eventually, putting down the actual figures at the end of each month and comparing them to the forecasts, allows the manager to immediately understand what exactly went wrong or what exceeded the expectations and fine tune the future execution of the plan.

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