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The INTEGRATED BUSINESS GROWTH MASTERPLAN® course applies to C level executives, who want to lead the growth of their organization and to marketers and business consultants, who want to invest in evolving their services, by offering a powerful tool to their clients. The adoption of this model is a solid way to diversify among the competition and grow their business, by providing a comprehensive plan with proved value.

The graduates who want to practice the INTEGRATED BUSINESS GROWTH MASTERPLAN® gain a lifetime license* to use the registered brand and also are always the first to know about updates and further development of the model.

The course includes the mindset, every prerequisite knowledge, theory on the model and hands on practice of all the elements of the INTEGRATED BUSINESS GROWTH MASTERPLAN®.

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19:00 - 22:00 EET




3.500 € + VAT*



*Special rates apply for more than 1 participant per organization.


INTEGRATED BUSINESS GROWTH MASTERPLAN® is a model developed by Novogrowth, which analyzes to the grain all business elements and sales channels and provides a comprehensive monthly plan to maximize business growth.

A significant element of the INTEGRATED BUSINESS GROWTH MASTERPLAN® is that it analyzes not only each and every online and offline sales channel, but it also identifies all the stages of these sales funnels, it evaluates their efficiency and it pinpoints the factors that may affect them.

Finally, all data is unified and processed, in order to develop a detailed business growth strategy, which is depicted as an 18 to 36 months action plan. The deliverable plan calculates all the income forecasts based on data and the corresponding expenses per month.


The first course sets the scene and puts every element of the INTEGRATED BUSINESS GROWTH MASTERPLAN® on the map of digital marketing. Understanding the role of each element and how they are connected, is the foundation of what comes next. The basic terminology is also provided during this course.

Defining the business models of an organization may sometimes proves to be a complex task. More often than not, at this stage a business wishes to explore additional models, which need to be included in the INTEGRATED BUSINESS GROWTH MASTERPLAN®. The sales funnels derive directly from the analysis of the business models.

Ahrefs is a powerful tool, designed to provide a vast range of important data. This course is more than a dashboard tutorial, as it familiarizes the user with the tool, but it also introduces the scope and value of its functionality.

Keyword analysis is the cornerstone of understanding any market. Not only does it provide quantitative data, but it reveals the way the audience thinks. The true value of keyword analysis lies in understanding the searcher’s intent and creating clusters of topics, relevant to a company’s business models.

Analyzing the competition landscape is much more than just detecting the competitors. In this course we provide methods of discovering all the relevant players in a market and examining their strategies. This analysis reveals opportunities and protect us from following proven bad tactics.

Understanding your audience is one thing. Knowing where and how to target it is a total different matter. In the online world, we never stand and wait for our audience to find us. Instead, we locate it and provide an entry point to our sales funnels wherever it exists.

The core concept of the INTEGRATED BUSINESS GROWTH MASTERPLAN® is the integration of all business elements. This is why we need to know several figures of the business operation and understand all the factors that may affect them. Such figures include the manufacturing cost, capacity, pricing, etc.

The market size and structure defines the limit of potential growth. Moreover, it is often a key factor in an investor’s decision to put his money on a company.

Without web analytics in the online world, it’s like aiming in the dark. Before even spending a dime in marketing, web analytics must be up and running. This includes design, implementation, data processing, visualization and analysis. Advanced topics such as attribution modelling are covered in this course.

Developing a growth strategy is both a science and an art. At this stage, all the data from the research must be analyzed, in order to define the most effective path to growth. In this course we describe the methodology of developing a growth strategy and we also discuss the “art” part through examples.

PnL, Cashflow and Balance Sheet are the most important financial statements that depict a company’s operation. In this course we explain their structure but, most importantly, we explain how to feed the statements with data in a dynamic way, which depicts the growth strategy and allows constant fine tuning.

The financial ratios are a way to understand at a glance a business’ structure and potential, before delving into financial statements or a business plan. In this course we introduce the most common financial ratios and we explain the way to interpret them.

The deliverable of the INTEGRATED BUSINESS GROWTH MASTERPLAN® is a thorough report, that includes all the processed data of the research, the conclusions, the growth plan and the financial statements. In this course we describe the flow of this report, in order to present a company’s INTEGRATED BUSINESS GROWTH MASTERPLAN® at an efficient way.
At an early stage of negotiations, an interested 3rd party such as a potential investor, is not ready to spend the time required to read the report of an INTEGRATED BUSINESS GROWTH MASTERPLAN®. In this course we explain how to reduce the INTEGRATED BUSINESS GROWTH MASTERPLAN® to a business plan, in order to present it to an investor or a bank.
In this long course we will delve into several case studies, in order to depict how the INTEGRATED BUSINESS GROWTH MASTERPLAN® can adapt to any situation and how the forecasts can be more accurate in different examples. During this course, each attendee has the option to discuss in details the case of his/her own business and complete their own INTEGRATED BUSINESS GROWTH MASTERPLAN®.
The INTEGRATED BUSINESS GROWTH MASTERPLAN® is developed to be fully actionable. In this course we demonstrate how to handle it on a month to month basis and how to derive the maximum value of the INTEGRATED BUSINESS GROWTH MASTERPLAN® in action.


Kostas Michalopoulos | Novogrowth

Kostas Michalopoulos

Kostas has developed the model of the INTEGRATED BUSINESS GROWTH MASTERPLAN®, as a result of his constant effort to analyze businesses to the grain and consolidate all these elements in an actionable tool. An owner of several businesses himself, Kostas understands what it means to run a business and how reality differs from theory.

Dimitris Papadonopoulos
Growth Strategist

Dimitris has gained vast experience by implementing the INTEGRATED BUSINESS GROWTH MASTERPLAN® for numerous customers. He is a key instructor at Novogrowth Academy and he has created many ad hoc courses for intra-company training.


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