It’s the bottom line that matters


Novogrowth is a consulting firm that focuses on the business growth of our customers through digital transformation. Our diversified clientele operates in several industries and it includes early stage startups, established small and medium businesses with growth potential and big corporations.


Every new client is a challenge for us. Before proposing any actions, we always work towards understanding the whole of the business, its market, the competition landscape and the audience’s needs. After several years of methodically analyzing businesses, we developed a unique model that unifies all business aspects, the INTEGRATED BUSINESS GROWTH MASTERPLAN®. Starting from an empty canvas, we reach a holistic strategy, based on hard data.

Following this process, we provide the full spectrum of digital marketing services, together with the development of digital properties and the design and implementation of web analytics.

Novogrowth’s academy offers intra-company training, always tailor-made to serve the needs of each client.

We have also launched a course, in order to teach the model of the INTEGRATED BUSINESS GROWTH MASTERPLAN® to C level executives, marketers and business consultants.


There is no other way to evaluate any business decision than its impact to the bottom line. This is our motto and our way of doing business.

This doesn’t mean that every action should necessary bring direct profit. But, understanding the big picture and the relationship among all of its elements, allows us to judge the actual effectiveness of each sales and marketing tactic. This is why we never propose or execute any campaign, if we can’t justify its cost, by measuring its result.

Marketing can’t live in a void. It’s existential purpose is to serve the business and it has its share of responsibility towards the financial results.


Blunt honesty is the reason we lose some business. But that’s fine, because it brings us much more customers in the long run. 

We value hard work and we fight every day for our client’s interests.

In a world that changes fast, we keep evolving. We learn new things, we develop our services and we are happy to reinvent ourselves whenever the time comes.

We are modest. We don’t know everything and we are well aware of that. We love to learn from our mistakes and we never over-promise.

We offer and we demand reciprocity. We never earn money that is not returned to our customers through their business success. We stand by our clients when they are small and we grow together.

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Kostas Michalopoulos | Novogrowth

Kostas Michalopoulos